Jon Brushing Zinnia

Jon and Zinnia adore each other. Seeing them together, knowing that Jon has the kind of companionship with Zinnia that I have with Fate makes our family complete.

I never really thought of it that way before, but since Jon and I have been together we have each had our own dog.  The one that does specifically what we need and want them to do for us.

For both of us, it’s keeping us company as we work.  But beyond that,  Zinnia is the Therapy Dog Jon wanted and also the calm and easy-going dog that he needs right now.

One thought on “Jon Brushing Zinnia

  1. “Calm and easy-going.” Sigh. My veterinarian said this afternoon that she couldn’t do a real exam of my terrier because Maisie wouldn’t sit still. And I had given her a tranquilizer before we left the house to get to her appointment. So the vet sent me home with a paper bag full of not 1, not 2, but 3 different tranquilizers I must give her before her next appointment, starting the night before. I knew I was getting a high energy dog (have had 2 of this breed before), but … really?

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