The Donkey Planter

Jack knocked on the door Friday night as we were finishing dinner.  He pulled a ceramic donkey planter out of a shopping bag and handed it to Jon.

Jack is an artist and antique dealer.  He’s worked out of his shop Jack’s Out Back for years and every once in a while he stops by with something he thinks we might like.  These are always gifts and on Friday it was a little donkey pulling a cart.

It looks like something my Italian Grandmother would have had with a dusty plastic plant in the cart.  It’s the kind of thing I’ve only recently come to appreciate.  I immediately began to think of the best plant to put in the cart.  Turns out this little Jade plant that my Aunt  Katie gave me was just right.

I’ve only recently gotten into succulents, and I see they have become a “thing”. I see them everywhere now. I’ve always found them interesting in a sculptural way.  But my enthusiasm for them started to take off when Vicki sent me a box of clippings from her collection.  And it has grown as my friend Emily has seriously gotten into them.

Now we talk succulents as well as art.

So now the windowsills at Bedlam Farm are filled with succulents big and small and I’m learning all about what kind of light each one likes and how they like to be watered.

Finding planters, little broken cups, and things like that, is part of the fun.  Unlike other plants I have, succulents seem to like to have decorative planters to grow in.  I’m finding they are hardy in some ways and prima donna’s in other ways.

7 thoughts on “The Donkey Planter

  1. This made me smile. When I was growing up we too had a cute little donkey planter that, believe it or not, held a Jade plant. Seems like it survived for years! Well, the plant is long gone as are my folks but I still have that donkey cart. Instead of carrying a plant, he now stands in my bathroom with Q-tips and a few cotton balls in his cart. Thanks for the memory!

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