Bees and Sunflowers

Since I already had the pieces laid out on my studio floor, I decided to sew them together.

It all looked well until I got close-up to the Sunflower fabric and saw it had two tiny holes in it. I couldn’t use it as it was, so I did what I do with fabric that is torn or stained, I cut it up using the holes as a guide.

This is what it looked like after that and I couldn’t wrap my head around it the way it was…

So I turned it on its side and somehow it made more sense to me and I could see what it needed next.

By the end of the day, I turned it back the way I had it originally and kept at it.  This is what it looked like when I left my studio.

More tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Bees and Sunflowers

  1. You have such a gift for seeing how fabrics come together! I always enjoy watching your quilts evolve into a beautiful original work of art!

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