Flowing Like The River

My Potholders all ready for the Post Office

I spent the morning packaging up potholders. On the way back from the post office, I stopped at the Battenkill and went for a swim.  It was my first one of the season.  As I expected the water was shockingly cold for the first minute or so then my body temperature adjusted and  I didn’t want to get out.

There was an older couple at the swimming hole and two women who put their chairs right in the river.  It looked like a fun way to spend the afternoon.

I only stay long enough at the river to cool off. But every time I go I think that one day, I’ll take some time to stay longer.  Maybe just sit on the bank with my feet in the river, watching the water flow by.

Now I’m back in my studio.  Between the heat and the wind, I feel like a thunderstorm is inching closer.   The dogs have found the coolest spots in the yard and are lazing around.  Even Bud has given up chasing chipmunks and snakes.

It’s almost time to feed the animals and I’m not sure that I have the energy to start something new.  But I’ll noodle around a bit, maybe clean up and organize some more hoping I find a piece of fabric that jumps out at me and gets my creative juices flowing like the river.

4 thoughts on “Flowing Like The River

  1. I grew up in Salem; one of the BEST things we used to do in the summer was to float down the Battenkill in inner tubes… someone’s parent would drop us off near the VT border, near E. Arlington, then pick us up around Cambridge. I loved that river- worth every minute of the sunburn that resulted (this was the age when baby oil was considered sunscreen). Best trout fishing, too!

    1. We used to do that too Bridgett. Haven’t in years though. I hope to do it again sometime. I’ve never been trout fishing though. 🙂

  2. Weather Bureau out of Albany has posted a severe thunderstorm watch for tonight.

    Just reading about your swimming in the Battenkill cooled me off.

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