A Couple of Vintage Hankie Scarves

making a couple of Vintage Hankie Scarves

I woke up thinking about making the potholder for Wendy and making a Vintage Hankie Scarf.  So I knew I wouldn’t get to work on my quilt today, but would get to two things that I wanted to make.

Marsha asked me a while ago if I could make her a Vintage Hankie Scarf.  It was the new batch of hankies that Fran sent me that got me to do it. I was able to make two scarves so once Marsha chooses the one she likes, I’ll put the other one up for sale.

Sometimes I wonder how many Hankie scarves I’ve made.

I still have one from when I first started making them in 2013.  A year after that I did a Kickstarter focused on Vintage Hankies and thanks to so many of you, raised enough money to buy my Viking Sewing Machine.   A couple of years ago I made a dress using hankies as a skirt sewn to a tanktop.

So we have a history, me and vintage hankies.

While going through my stash today I found a couple with some great embroideries on them that I put aside to make into potholders.  And someday I’ll figure out how to use the box of white hankies I have stored under my worktable.

One of the Vintage Hankie Scarves I made today.
The Second Vintage Hankie Scarf.

6 thoughts on “A Couple of Vintage Hankie Scarves

  1. Have never heard of hankie scarves! I have a lot of vintage hankies. Recently embroidered some onto a scalloped baby blanket for my terminally ill sister. She loved it. Calls it her hankie blankie. Not sure I would wear the scarves. Have you used them on quilts? Looking for some ideas for using them

    1. I love Hankie Blankie, that’s a very loving what to use them. I used them in one quilt, but never made a whole quilt from them Lois. Although I’ve seen pictures of that were made by other people.

    1. Oh nice Rilla. Good luck with your quilt. When you make it, I’d love to see a picture of it. You must have some wonderful hankies!

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