Busy Bee Quilt

I realized today when I was working on my quilt that it’s a lot like my Busy Bee Potholders.  I keep trying to tame it, but it wants to be a wild thing. Busy as a bee.  So I gave into it and let it be what it is.


I’m just about finished designing it.  I’ll edge the left side similar to the right and have another strip of brown across the top.  I hope to get that part done tomorrow.

Although I have a busy day tomorrow.  I’ll be skirting wool in the moring with the help of a couple of Barbara and Moise’s daughters, a dentist appointment to replace a filling in the afternoon, and Bellydancing in the evening.




4 thoughts on “Busy Bee Quilt

  1. This is such a happy quilt! At preschool we play a game called Busy Bee . It goes like this… after choosing a child to be the busy bee you say busy bee, busy bee I see something you don’t see and then you say something like… and the color is red. Then the busy bee looks around the room for something red. I have a wonderful map I use along with things around our room, however you have inspired me to go through my scrap bins and create a couple of wall quilts to add to the fun. Thank you for your creative spark and passion!

    1. That’s really interesting Joise, I’ve never heard of that game, but it almost seems that this quilt could be inspired by it. I do sometimes wonder what we know or “pick up” but aren’t conscious of.

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