Our Wildflower Lawn


Yarrow with a snail on it

It’s the second year since we’ve stopped mowing the way in front of the house and the wildflowers are finding a place in it.

There are mostly daisies, but also yarrow, clover, Blackeyed Susans, bedstraw, thistle and a few small flowers whose names I don’t know.  There were  three poison parsnips too, but I put on long sleeves and gloves and dug them out.

Milkweed is dominating the small garden in front of Jon’s study, although I haven’t seen any caterpillars or butterflies on them yet.

I transplanted some of the Blackeyes Susan’s that grow between the stones of our walkway into the front yard.  In the fall I’ll transplant some of the small purple iris that are spreading in my garden too.

We mow the lawn at the end of the season which I hope will keep some of the invasive plants like the Rosa Multiflora from taking root.

5 thoughts on “Our Wildflower Lawn

  1. I hope this encourages others to not mow, Maria. Wildlife needs all the varied plant life to thrive. How great to know you are providing for bugs, birds etc.! I told Jon yesterday how beautiful to see all the green on your farm, and the flowers. That in California we can’t grow much now because of so little water! I so appreciate all the photos you both take. ❤ It helps a lot. So beautiful!

    1. Jon told me about your email and hearing what you said was one of the reasons that I made sure to post this photo. I hope your drought lasts only a short while Joan.

  2. The small yellow flower in the right lower corner is bird foot trefoil- a lovely little plant. Sometimes the flower heads turn orange as they age. It’s in the pea family.

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