Time To Eat

Every afternoon around 3pm, the chickens come to the back porch when I feed Minnie.

I feed Flo too, but she’s always on the front porch, her very own castle, sleeping on her wicker bench.   Sometimes I have to wake her up to let her know I’ve placed her meal on the low wicker table.

Flo is Queen.

Minnie eats on the back porch with the chickens. Today the Chicks,  tried to join the party.  But White Hen and Brown Hen have little patience for Kitty and Anne.

While Minnie ate her dinner I fed the hens leftover pasta from lunch.  Fate scoffed up a few noodles, but the chicks didn’t even get close. I imagine, once they get at big as the hens, I’ll be feeding four chickens, to keep them away from Minnie’s food, instead of two.


6 thoughts on “Time To Eat

    1. It was when I took this picture Wendy that I realized that there are always animals around when I go outside. I must say I like that.

  1. Hello Maria. I hope you and Jon are well!
    If I recall correctly, in the book “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life” by Barbara Kingsolver, she’s able to incorporate new chicks to the old ones by putting them in the coop in the middle of the night when the in-house ones are sleeping.
    Kind regards, Elisabeth

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