Asher’s Glamour Photo

It’s not hard to get Asher and Issachar’s photos because they run away, it’s that they get too close.  As soon as I squat down to take a picture, they come over to me to get some scratches or try to eat my Iphone.

But Asher was laying down when I took this picture and I guess he was feeling too lazy to get up.  He and his twin bother have gotten very handsome.

6 thoughts on “Asher’s Glamour Photo

  1. Yes, he is handsome and that “earring” gives him a rakish look. He has kind of a wild look in his eye … the bad boy of the flock?

  2. “I say, old chap…”
    He looks a little startled, but I love his elegant smile and raised eyebrows! 🙂

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