Busy Bee Quilt And SeaTurtle Potholders

Busy Bee Quilt

One of the sheets that Bev dropped off at the farm a couple of weeks ago was just the right size for my Busy Bee quilt.  “Queen” was written on the edge of the sheet, so now I know my quilt is about Queen sized.  I say about because my quilt isn’t as square as the sheet was and I had to cut off some of the extras at odd angles.

But that’s the way it is with all of my quilts, potholders, and pillows.  It’s why I’d never even consider using a pillow form.

Now Busy Bee is ready to be tacked.

I already sold all but one of the Sea Turtle Potholders that I made yesterday.  So I began my day by designing a few more. I’ll have all those done by the end of next week.

My Sea Turtle Potholders.  I tried to give them the feeling of being underwater.

One thought on “Busy Bee Quilt And SeaTurtle Potholders

  1. Hi Maria,
    These are lovely. May I get the one that is 3rd from left on the top row, please? If available.

    1. I’m sorry Amy, they are all sold. I am making a few more so I can send you a photo of when I have when I’m done with them if you’d like. Thank you for asking.

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