Portulacas Between The Stones


Portulaca, Lambsear, and lilies.

We are fortunate that It’s another rainy day here at Bedlam Farm.  Jon and I have made it a point to show more of the flowers growing in our gardens after hearing from people who are experiencing drought and can’t water their own gardens.

Every year I try to get something besides crabgrass and weeds to grow between the rocks on our walkway.

In the past, I’ve put in thyme plants and seeds, a couple of different kinds of sedum, and let the Blackeye Susans that grow anywhere and get way too tall for the walkway take over.

This year most of the weeds are still there, but I bought two portulacas and planted them between the stones along the edge of the garden.  They haven’t stopped flowering.  I’ve read that even though they’re annuals they sometimes drop seeds and come back the next year. I have my fingers crossed about that.

But for now, I’m going to just enjoy them.

9 thoughts on “Portulacas Between The Stones

  1. How beautiful! I love portulacas and it’s true, they do come back if they are in a sheltered, less traveled spot among rocks.

  2. Hi Maria, They look so pretty and healthy! I have had them come back in a garden bed and a planter here in CT-good luck with yours!

  3. I love the portulaca between the stones. I just bought one this year having never heard of it before. Though I planted it in a pot. Next year I’m going to try them in my rock hill. They are so pretty. Thanks for the idea!

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