Illustrating A Short Story At The Mansion

Debi and her drawing of the mother duck and duckling.

Today at The Mansion, a few of the women who live there started making drawings for a short story they wrote.

Last month, Julie, the activities director, gave me a copy of the story, which we will make into a book.

It’s about a duck who eats a lot of bananas and leaves home in search of true love.  He falls in love with a duck who likes to run and has very long legs.  When they go for a swim a “green with envy” bullfrog tries to grab the ducks foot.  His girlfriend bites off the frog’s legs and the couple share “frogs legs and romance next to the fire”.

I made four drawings to use as examples for illustrating the story.

Today Debi, Claudia, Peg, and Clare all made a drawing of the duckling and his mother.  I showed them how to draw a duck using basic shapes and they all made their own version of it.

Over the next few months, we’ll make three more drawings.  Then we’ll choose which drawing will go in the book.

Clara’s drawing
Claudia and her drawing
Peg’s drawing

2 thoughts on “Illustrating A Short Story At The Mansion

  1. Beautiful. I always loved bringing creativity into the lives of elders where I worked. A favorite was having an art exhibit of their creations with the resident artists present for the opening reception. I am a nurse but toyed with the idea of becoming an art therapist because I believe so strongly in affording creative opportunities for elders in care settings. As you know art has the power to impact a person on so many levels. The projects you have undertaken with the residents are wonderful and so meaningful.

    1. It’s nice to hear a medical professional say that Lois. They usually have an art exhibit at the mansion every year. They can’t this year because of the covid restrictions. But maybe next year!

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