My “Busy Bee” Quilt

Busy Bee quilt

I have often thought of my potholders as small drawings or ideas that I’m working out.  Sometimes, they lead directly to something bigger.  That’s what happened with my Busy Bee Potholders.  Their busy pattern on pattern design, inspired by the linen towel with a swarm of bees on it, turned out to be the sketches for my Busy Bee quilt.

Centered on the only quiet and balanced image that was on the edge of the towel, the quilt grew from there, when I surrounded it by some batik sunflowers and a tribal pattern that I also used in the potholders.

There’s actually is a Busy Bee Potholder, or what was supposed to be a potholder, at the top and center of the quilt.  The colors and subject matter were just right.

You can see how this could have been a potholder

My Busy Bee quilt is sold.  I had a few people interested in it and there was much confusion when I sent an email back to myself instead of the first person who asked about it.  I’ve never done that before, not that I’m aware of anyway.  There are many mistakes to be made and I’m learning lots of them.

Tacking the back of Busy Bee


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  1. Beautiful quilt! I am so interested in how you tack the quilt in such straight lines. If you ever give online classes, count me in.

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