Thirty Second Snail Meditation

This snail was making its way across the back porch.  I took this video with my macro lens.  I found the pattern on the snail shell beautiful.

4 thoughts on “Thirty Second Snail Meditation

  1. My instantaneous response was to think of Egyptian hieroglyphs. Not sure why. Lovely little meditation and reminds me of when I collected snails in my pockets as a little girl. Mum had to check my pockets when I went indoors!

    1. Oh I love that you collected snail LoisJean. We had a house by us when I was a kid we called the Witches house. It was made of round stones and when it rained there were snails all over her round stone wall. I can see your reference to hieroglyphs on the snails shell. It looks like marks with meaning.

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