A Thousand Small Things


Bud getting my attention by standing in the pile of fabric scraps on my studio floor.

I tried focusing, doing one thing at a time, but my head was all over the place.  It felt like I had a thousand small things to do. Each time I thought of doing one, another popped into my head demanding attention.

So I made a list.

I finished up sewing my Potholders then spent the rest of my day on the computer.  I was tying up loose ends.  Answering the emails I hadn’t gotten to in the past few days and contacting the people who bought my Sea Turtle Potholders.

After that I made some decisions on how to process this season’s wool.

I have orders for 44 dryer balls.  That means more roving than usual.  Since Rosemary died and Merricat’s wool was too short to shear, I don’t have any white Romney wool to mix with Liam’s.  In the past, this wouldn’t have been a problem, but ever since I started mixing the wool together, I’ve found it makes noticeably better yarn.

So I’ll use Liam and Kim’s white wool and some of Asher’s dark brown wool to make the dryer balls.  Then I’ll mix Biddy, Socks and Pumpkins wool and dye it two different colors.  I’ll mix Lori and Suzy’s wool together, dye half, and keep the other half natural.  Issachar’s black wool will also be natural.

On Sunday we’ll drop the wool off at the Vermont Fiber Mill and get it back in September or October.

After I post my Potholders for sale in my Etsy Shop, I’ll have crossed everything off my list except my bookkeeping.  That can wait.  I’m just about ready to sit outside and watch the light settle on the mountains while sipping a glass of wine.  If I don’t get there before the sun goes down, maybe I’ll get to see the moon high in the sky.

3 thoughts on “A Thousand Small Things

  1. At first glance I thought Bud had torn into something he shouldn’t have … all those scraps. Good to know he’s just being his cute innocent self! Looking forward to those dryer balls.

    1. Oh I wouldn’t put it past him Barbara. He likes to be in the middle of things. Fate and even Zinnia would never stand on my scarps.

  2. I am so excited for your wool! My family loved the slippers and mittens made from the wool I got last year. They are so soft and the slippers are strong, no holes in the bottoms! My son can wear a hole in his slippers in no time. I am looking forward to buying a sampler from you and maybe making everyone a dryer ball to put in their stocking along with some nice scarves for the gals and wool caps for the guys!

    1. Wow Josie, I can just see my wool turning into all your creations. Thank you for your enthusiasm I can feel it in your writing. How nice!

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