14 thoughts on “Robin’s Glamour Photo

  1. I see a look of amusement and confidence in Robin’s face. It’s as if he’s about to wink and say, “Hey, I got this.” The blades of grass just add to his charm.

  2. He’s a real looker. . I love your series on the citizens of Bedlam Farm. I have a whole new perspective on them. I’ve always been nutty about furry guys who can sit on my lap and talk to me … but the chicks, for instance, are causing me to rethink the lot of them. I used to think about scaled and feathered critters as set dressing more than fully formed animals in their own right. I was wrong. It’s too much to write into a comments section (I am too lazy to tackle a blog) but i thank you. It’s enriched my perspective . That’s always a good thing.

    1. They have me thinking differently too Jane. And the more I read about animals, the more I see they really are all different and have different personalities too.

  3. How did Robin become such a handsome young man so quickly? That smile would melt a young ewe and worry her mother!
    This portrait is just beautiful as all the photos are. I really think they are worthy of an exhibit. I love seeing what you create and how your loving spirit shines through all of it.

    1. He does have a killer smile Laura. I have learned some things in taking these photos, about photography, but about the sheep too.

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