Hens From Hannah

Hannah’s shopping bag and her photo of one of her hens that she made into a card.

I recognized the 100% Compostable Mailer when I took it out of the mailbox.  It was one of mine, recycled by Hannah.

Just a few weeks ago I sent Hannah more dog food bags so she could use them to make shopping bags which she sells.  Hannah has been sending me fabric scraps for years and I like being able to return the favor now by giving her my empty feed bags.

The package was soft and I was expecting the fabric that was inside, but I was surprised by the shopping bag with the Brahma hen on it.  Soon Kitty and Anne will look like her.  Hannah also sent me a card with a beautiful photo she took of one of her pullets.   The photo abstracts the chick, but is also full of emotion.

Hannah sells her bags at The Rusty Button Shop in East Aurora NY and has at least one for sale online here. 

Hannah reused the compostable envelope that I sent her dog food bags in. Now it’s in our composter.


5 thoughts on “Hens From Hannah

  1. Thanks so much Maria, I thought that would be a nice surprise package for you. Hoping you liked my choice of bright orange for the handles for the chicken bag, and can do something with the birdy fabric. I love the ‘view from above’ of our Easter Egger Princess Di, it just captured her lovely feather patterns, and of course her fuzzy face beard and muff. Today I’m working on some cute ‘chick starter’ feed bags that the farmer I picked up our 2 new chickens from last week had kindly saved for me.
    HI Carolyn, looking forward to your letter arriving, the answer is ‘yes please’.

  2. Everyone is here because of you, Maria. You have built quite a community. A piece of art in and of itself.

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