Making “Kitty and Anne On The Pink Chair” Potholders

My sewing machine and I did some good work together today.

After a practice run, I got the chicks on the pink chair just right.  I used a linen table runner to stitch on, then cut off the fancy edging and turned it around so it will be a part of the potholder.  I’ll stitch down the swirling edge before sewing the potholder together.

I ran out of black thread so I use gray for some of the chicks.  And I added a touch of color with an orange permanent marker on the black hens and yellow on the gray.

I made four of these today and will make a few more tomorrow.

I feel like my job of raising the chicks is done now. They’re on their own spending more and more time with the hens and roosting in the coop at night. For me, this image of the chicks on the pink chair captures my romantic view of them that I wrote about the other day. As if seeing them through a soft lens.

This potholder marks the end of that period for me and the chicks.  Now onto the next phase.

Chicks made with gray thread

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