Thirty Second Battenkill Meditation

5 thoughts on “Thirty Second Battenkill Meditation

  1. Wow! Look at all that water! Out here we are offered pictures of the “bathtub ring” around Lake Mead and other reservoirs that supply much of the water for Southern California. I could watch that video again and again. Thanks!

  2. How beautiful! Thank you, I feel like I’ve been replenished by you this morning!
    The creek in front of my cottage dried up first part of the year, the droughts and fires have taken its toll for sure. I miss seeing it run for even part of the year. Funny how I just thought of a quilt I’d like to make along these lines.
    Your previous post…maybe one day your art won’t sell (doubtful) but when you make art to please your soul, you are richer then a billionaire ❤️
    (That might not pay the worlds “bills” but my soul is worth so much more, a price above rubies 🙂 ) My British friend says ‘it”ll all come right”. So far, it always has.
    Enjoy your day, listen to your heart and create your art.
    Hey! I might make that into a t-shirt

  3. The beautiful Battenkill. The water looks high. I lived by the Eagleville Covered Bridge for many years. Thank you for giving me a glimpse of one of my favorite places.

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