Kitty And Anne Palling Around

Sometimes the four chickens will be seen together, but mostly it’s Kitty and Anne palling around together while White Hen and Brown Hen do their own thing.

Kitty and Anne still come to me when I call them, but they spend their days doing what chickens do, pecking around for bugs. Today they found a pile of old manure which kept them busy for a while.

The donkeys and sheep have accepted them without question.


4 thoughts on “Kitty And Anne Palling Around

  1. This is a great picture, I love how you got low to the ground – almost seeing things from the chickens perspective, and each time I look I see something new in the background ‘white hen’, one of the donkey’s, grazing sheep, relaxed sheep lying down in the shade, and the color of the barn is a great backdrop. Future sticker or postcard perhaps?

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