Our Wildflower Lawn

Chickory, the roots can be roasted and ground up to make coffee

Last year when we let our front lawn grow wild without cutting it.  There were a few daisies, and some clover.  This year there are lots more wildflowers.  I just noticed the Chickory today and decided it was time to take some pictures of the flowers that have found our lawn a good place to grow.

Oxeye Daisy

There are three times as many daisies growing this year.  They’re spreading nicely.


We have lots of varieties of clover growing in the lawn.  I haven’t figured out all their names.  I do know that the sheep and donkeys like many of them.

Daisy Fleabane

I’ve seen these flowers for most of my life, but I never knew their name until now.  It was believed that the flower when dried would clear a house of fleas.


The thistle plant is the biggest in the lawn, almost as big as me.  Prickly as it is, I do love the soft purple flowers. And if it starts to spread too much, I can always feed them to Fanny and Lulu who love to munch on them.

Common St John’s Wort

Another flower that I’ve seen so often but never knew its name.

Black-Eyed Susan

I suspect this very fancy Black-eyed Susan made its way to the lawn from my wildflower garden on the edge of the pasture.


Yarrow grows wild all over the farm.  Now it’s on the front lawn too.

11 thoughts on “Our Wildflower Lawn

  1. I love all of your flowers! We have some yarrow and larkspur that have migrated to our grassy areas. It’s fun to see the splashes of color pop up amongst the green! The bees are loving Bedlam Farm!

  2. I’ll take this over a manicured lawn any day. And I’ll bet the bees and butterflies thank you for it.

  3. Maria, I love that you are creating a natural habitat on your property. It will support wildlife that will increase as the plot diversifies as you seeing. You already have an amazing array of wildflowers which will be food for birds when the seeds come. Plus the seeds of flowers have lovely little architectural designs that make lovely fall arrangements. As a passionate birder who mourns habitat loss for the birds, I say Bravo!!

    1. It’s only in the past few years that I’ve come to understand how important the wildflowers are Lois. I hope to have more and more as time goes on.

  4. I love your wildflower yard! It looks very natural. It’s nice to think of all the pollination going on out there. Do you let the donkeys and sheep graze it in the fall?

    1. I’m sure the bees and birds are happy with it. Also all the small animals who live and wander the tall grass Terri. The lawn is right on the main road so we don’t let the animals there. We’d have to put up fencing to do that.

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