The Orphaned Woods, Finding A Button Bush


I was too busy trying to avoid the water that flooded the path from the stream to see the beautifully strange balls hanging from the bush just over the Gulley Bridge. But I did see them on the way back when my feet were so wet I wasn’t paying attention to the puddles anymore.

I’m usually not in The Orphaned Woods this time of year because of the ticks.   I don’t know why but there haven’t been any since the spring. So I’m seeing lots that I haven’t before.  But I’m also seeing more because I’m paying more attention to what’s around me.

The flower on the Button Bush

I used my Plantnet app to find out that this is the flower of a  Button Bush.  It’s about the size of a golf ball and attracts bees, birds, butterflies, and moths.

I took this picture with my macro lens.  You can see it’s a bunch of tiny flowers with really long stamens.

Before they burst into flowers, they’re green bumpy ball.

I didn’t see a lot of insects on them, maybe because of the rain. But I did get a video, again using my macro lens, of this tiny bee gathering pollen.


4 thoughts on “The Orphaned Woods, Finding A Button Bush

  1. I’ve never seen this plant before. The flowers are beautiful. They remind me of fancy Xmas ornaments.

  2. I think I may have a button bush in one of my garden beds. After seeing your photo I’ll have to look at it more closely. I have an elderberry bush that’s been going great guns this year. I don’t pick the berries myself but I have friends that will gather them for elderberry wine or cough syrup.

    1. I’m not sure if what we have growing in the marsh is Elderberry or a bush that looks like it Marcia. It’s one of those tough ones to distinguish.

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