Scrap Bin Potholders For Sale In My Etsy Shop

Vintage Hankie Flowers Potholder

I have a new batch of Scrap Bin Potholders for sale in my Etsy Shop.  Some are made with pieces of Vintage Hankies and some with pieces from an old quilt.  A few are just made with plain old scraps.

My Scrap Bin Potholders are $20 +$5 shipping.  You can see them all and buy them here. 

I also have one more Kitty and Anne on the Pink Chair Potholder.  I miss counted how many were sold when I put them up for sale in my Etsy Shop last week and have one more available.

My Kitty and Anne Potholder is $30 + $5 shipping.  It’s more expensive because I draw each one individually using my free-motion sewing machine.  Each one is an original drawing and there’s a lot more work involved to make them.  It’s sewn on vintage linen.   You can buy it here.

Kitty and Anne on the Pink Chair.
Quilt Piece Potholder III
Cow Potholder


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