The drawing I did while waiting for Jon

I looked past the woman sitting across from me in the waiting room, and out of the corner of my eye, I picked up the shape of her glasses, her hair, and how the mask fit over her nose and mouth.

I was drawing in the waiting room of Jon’s podiatrist’s office while he finally got the orthotics that had been delayed for months.

After that, we went to drop off my sewing machine to get cleaned and repaired.  We stopped on the way to get a few fish, nerite snails, and shrimp for the fish tank.

I spent the early morning posting some potholders in my Etsy Shop and the evening doing my bookkeeping (only two months behind this time).

I didn’t get into my studio, but I’m caught up on my paperwork which frees me up for a while so I can concentrate on my art.

Tomorrow Emily is coming over and we’re going to experiment making some Gelli prints on fabric, something I’ve never done before. I’m looking forward to doing something so different and am excited to see where it will go or what it will inspire.

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