Farm Animal Potholders

I went back to my studio after dinner and continued designing potholders that I started this morning. I still have a couple of pig heads and some chicks, but I’m done for the night.

11 thoughts on “Farm Animal Potholders

  1. The top row is great also. Just let me know. That would be my first choice with the third row being my second choice:)

  2. These are some of the most beautiful potholders you’ve ever opinion.
    I zoomed in to each potholder and marvelled at the colours, patterns and overall rural, nostalgic county feel each one represents. Well done!
    I also love your writing and can relate to some of the dynamics you faced growing up in your Italian
    I love your thoughts and appreciate you sharing your feelings and exposing your vulnerabilities with us. I’m your age and I thank you for your sharing your life with us.

  3. Maria, I don’t know if the first row is still available. If it is, I would like to buy it. Please let me know.
    You may not remember me, but many years ago when you would have drawings once a month or so, I won a wonderful photograph of Simon and one of the girls (either Fanny or Lulu), I love it and had it framed where it has been hanging in my house ever since.
    The art that you produce is so unique and special. I love your photographs. They are incredibly beautiful.

    1. Of course I remember you Jane. I do know that at least one in the first row is sold, and I’m waiting to hear back from someone who asked about them. But I will email you and let you know what I have. Thanks for asking.

  4. would like any 2 with preference of in order of cows, pigs, chickens, first two from top in the middle are my favorites

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