A Forest In My LivingRoom

Drawing the vine and flower pattern on the rug. 

I met my friend Kitty at the Bennington Museum this morning.  We were there to look a the sculpture park which is full of new art.  It was inspiring.

When I got home I started working on my fabric painting, A Forest In My LivingRoom, that I started some time ago.  I had a good sense of what I want to do with it, but couldn’t get started.

That changed today.  I finally feel like I’m ready to work on this piece and am excited to get back to it on Monday.  Today I made the rug in front of the pink couch.

I used a piece of forest green fabric and stitched a vine and flower pattern on it.  Then I sewed it onto the backing and stitched the tassel on either end.

Next, I let the vine and flower pattern grow off the rug and onto the backing….

I stopped before the vine took over.  I’ll be adding other elements to the piece (like a table and lamp with a bird on it and a tree or two) and I wanted to leave space for them. After that I’ll get back to the vine.

This is what the fabric painting looked like when I left my studio this evening.

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