Hiding From The Bugs


This time of year, when the insects are out in swarms, the donkeys and sheep will often rest with their faces in the corner of the barn to protect them.  Merricat found a good spot, away from the bugs behind the gate on the pole barn.

She looked pretty pleased with herself.

4 thoughts on “Hiding From The Bugs

  1. What a sweet little face! Ꮚ・ꈊ・Ꮚ

        /~´   `⌒ヽ
       (  /⌒⌒⌒ヽ   )
      ( @/ ・  ・ ヽ@ )
      (  し、 ꈊ  U  ) < ᵇᵃᵃ ~
      (  ヽ——イ  )   
      (        )  

  2. I love the way the curved chewed piece of wooden rail lines up exactly with Merricat’s beautiful smile! 🙂

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