A Scattered Day Of Beginnings

Emily’s Bird Potholder

I experimented making the bird potholders so long ago I had forgotten about them until Emily came over last week and I found them in pile of fabric.  I pulled them out thinking we could print over them.  I was never happy with them, but Emily liked the one I made using a feed sack, so she printed on the corners of it and it became hers.

This morning I sewed it together. And made another potholder for her using a piece of vintage rooster fabric that she admired months ago.

It was a good way to start the day because I was so unfocused, I couldn’t decide what I wanted to work on.

After making Emily’s potholders I began cleaning off my worktable by making a few more potholders from some of the scraps left on it.  Then I moved on to finding the right piece of fabric for the tree in my fabric painting, A Forest In my Livingroom.  I  pinned it roughly to the piece to get a feeling for what it might look like.  (I forgot to take a photo of it).

I did some more clean-up after that. I had piles of fabric on just about every flat surface in my studio and had no idea what was even there.  I’ve been thinking of building some more shelves in my studio. I don’t have a lot of space, but I know I could make better use of what I do have with another floor-to-ceiling shelf.

As I emptied out one of the boxes of material that was sent to me, I came across a piece of fabric with trees and leaves on it. I knew I wanted to make a quilt from it.  I cut the fabric apart separating the leaves from the trees and began a search for the fabric I would use to begin a  new quilt.

It was a scattered day, but a day of beginnings too.  Now I have at least three things to choose from to work on tomorrow.

The start of a new quilt

5 thoughts on “A Scattered Day Of Beginnings

    1. Thank yo Renate, I do have someone who asked about it earlier. But if that fall through, I’ll be sure to let you know. THank you so much for asking.

  1. Maria, you are holding $25 for me, for a turtle pot holder but if you are like me you hate promises held over your head. So, if you would prefer it, please put this check into one of your or Jon’s charity funds and we can start over.

    1. Hi Erika, I am making some turtle potholders, I’ll send you pics when I’m done. If you like one it’s yours, if not, I’ll donate the money as you suggest. Thank you!

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