Tree Quilt and Potholders

Starting my Tree Quilt.  That’s Jane McMillen’s  Snail pin cushion next to the quilt pieces.  I was surprised at how similar the colors are. 

It was 3:15 when I put the last bottle of milk in the cooler. I was so into what I was doing, I didn’t realize that I worked forty-five minutes over my monthly shift at the Co-op. It’s because I was having so much fun, I told Kelly. She said to leave early next month.  But I already left early the month before when there wasn’t anything left for me to do.

I was looking forward to getting back to my studio and working, but I do get satisfaction when I see all the full glass jars of dried fruit lined up on the shelf and the Battenkill Creamery milk neatly displayed in the refrigerated cooler,  and know that I did it.

This morning before leaving for the Co-op I designed a few more potholders. Most of the Farm Animal ones I made last week are already sold. I’ll put the rest up for sale in my Etsy Shop tomorrow.

Jon bought me some turtle fabric that he found online.  So I made a few turtle potholders to add to the ones  I made yesterday.

The Turtle Potholders I started making yesterday and finished today.

When I got home from the Co-op I began working on my Tree Quilt.

I cut strips of the fabric I had laid out on my floor, then started sewing them together, placing the trees among them.  I hadn’t thought about it till I looked at the photo, but it has a macrocosm/microcosm feeling to it. That makes sense to me because it’s so much how I’m experiencing nature these days.

I didn’t get to post these potholders that I designed yesterday because the electricity went out.  So now I’m all caught up on this week’s potholders.

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  1. Hi Maria. You posted six turtle potholders. I would like one of the pot holders that has the turtle with the red legs and the whales. Are they sold?

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