Suzy’s “Here I Am” Shawl


Suzy’s latest Shawl

“It’s a Here I Am shawl,” I texted back to Suzy after she sent me a photo of the shawl she’s working on. Suzy can make a shawl of the most subtle colors or the most vibrant.

Her newest makes me think of Frida Kahlo.

I can’t imagine knitting a shawl in the summer, but it’s Suzy’s time to get ready for the fall, when I’ll sell her shawls on my blog. I’ve been doing it for years and she has a following. Her regular customers buy her shawls as gifts as well as for themselves.

Most of the wool comes from her own mohair goats, but she also adds wool from some of her favorite fiber artists.  She’s always combining different colors and patterns to make each shawl unique.

Suzy told me she’s determined to have her “Here I Am” shawl done by the end of the weekend so she can begin a new one.  I’ll post a photo of it next week when it’s finished.

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