Border Collie Dance

I was sure this was going to be silly when I opened the link that Diane and Marcia sent to me.  It is not silly it is astonishing and full of joy.

I wish I could teach Fate to dance with me like this.  I know she would enjoy it as much as the dog in this video obviously does.



6 thoughts on “Border Collie Dance

  1. Thank you Maria for posting that beautiful dance by both. The dance was beautiful but so is their connection. Like you we had a Border Collie and he was devoted and intelligent but oh boy I know I don’t have the skill to teach a dog to dance like that and I definitely couldn’t dance as gracefully as Larry’s owner. I keep watching it over and over.

  2. I just viewed this video in Jon’s post and was thinking the same thing about Fate. She would love it all right! 🙂

  3. This dance was incredible. If this were an Olympic event, I’d give them a ten! This goes beyond dog-training. The trust and affection they must have for each other is what makes it special.

  4. Oh my gosh Maria…. Thank you so much for sharing this. What a connection these two have. Absolutely beautiful…. Rebecca

  5. As I commented to Jon when he posted a link to the video on his blog, you and Fate immediately came to mind when I first watched the video.
    A friend of mine here in VT had posted it first on her FB page. She raises beautiful Golden retrievers-and she teaches obedience and agility to dogs of all breeds. She’s also done some dance routines with some of her Goldens. Not as elaborate as this but still fun to watch.

    1. I’ve seen dogs dance before, but never like this Marcia. It was that strong connection between them I think. And yes, Fate is a natural.:)

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