Almost Done Designing My Tree Quilt

My quilt was coming together easily. Once I switched the top and bottom panels, it flowed. The dark blues in the bottom corners grounded the bottom.   I made the patchwork pieces on the top corners from the scraps of the quilt to that point.

It was when I sewed on the final blue border piece on the left that I had some trouble.  After it was on, the quilt was so puckered it wouldn’t lay flat.

So I  took it off and repositioned it.  It took one more try to get it right. By then, I was hungry for dinner.  I didn’t want to rush sewing on the top and bottom pieces.  I wanted to make sure there was no more puckering and that I got the colors right.

I’ll sew those last two pieces on tomorrow, then start working on the backing.

6 thoughts on “Almost Done Designing My Tree Quilt

  1. Maria,
    This is so soft and pretty and peaceful – I just love it. Another one of my favorites. Beautiful work.

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