Finishing Up My Tree Quilt


Working our the backing for my Tree Quilt

I did get my Tree quilt finished today.  Going out to breakfast and shipping out my potholders took up most of my morning, but I went back to my studio after dinner and was able to finish tacking it.  Now I only have to stitch the title, my initials and the date on the bottom.

My Tree Quilt is already sold.

Cutting the batting for my quilt

Fate was kind enough to pose with both the front and back of the quilt as it hung from the beam in my studio while I tacked it with a sage-colored yarn.

I laid down on my studio floor to stretch out my neck and shoulders which always ache when I tack the highest and lowest part of a quilt. As I turned my head in one direction and the rest of my body in the other, there was Bud looking at me on the other side of the quilt. By the time I got a picture of him, he was gazing off into the distance.  Probably dreaming of a chipmunk.

It was too dark to get a good picture of my quilt tonight, so I’ll post a photo of it, all done,  in the morning.

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