Art Class At The Mansion. Illustrating The Story of The Duck.

Drawings by Claudia, Clara, Peggy, Julie and Peg.

We’re still wearing masks at The Mansion, but no longer social distancing.  Now three people can sit at one table and that makes more of a difference than I would have thought.

In the few art classes I taught since The Mansion opened up again, each person had to sit at their own table.  Not only did that make helping people harder, but they also couldn’t see what the other people in the class were doing.  This means they couldn’t be inspired but other people’s drawings or get help from each other.

This was the second class where we were drawing ducks to illustrate the story that some of the women at The Mansion wrote about a duck leaving home to find true love.

I chose four scenes to illustrate.  I did a simple drawing of each to give an idea of what it could look like. In the first class we did a drawing of the duckling and his mother.

In today’s class, we drew the part in the story where the duck leaves home.  “One day the now grown duckling packed his bags in search of true love.”

Using simple shapes everyone draws the picture in pencil first then uses marker to finish it off.This is the second time we’ve drawn a duck in the class and I think people are getting the hang of it.

Next month we’ll do a drawing of the duck meeting his long-legged girlfriend, who runs so fast he can’t keep up with her.

Peggy, Peg and Claudia drawing their ducks.

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