The Tree In My “Forest In My Living Room”

I finished pinning down my tree yesterday and today I finished sewing it down.

I also sewed the sleeve for the dowel it hangs from to go through.  It’s rare for me to start a piece by sewing the sleeve in.  I usually just want to get started when I have an idea.

But I’ve come to trust that there always comes time for each piece of my art to be done. It just doesn’t necessarily happen in the expected order.

Now I’m trying to get a feel for what the leaves on the tree will look like. I was thinking of somehow using the pieces of fabric from the applique on the front of the quilt that I’m using the back of as a ground.   But I’m also thinking of carrying over flowers from the rug and using them in the tree.

I don’t have much more time to think about it today.  I leave for Bellydancing soon. But I’ll spend a bit more of the day, sitting and looking and seeing what comes.



8 thoughts on “The Tree In My “Forest In My Living Room”

    1. It’s interesting you should suggest that KJ, just tonight I was thinking of leaving that first bird as it is, almost like a ghost. Your saying that makes me think there really is something to it.

  1. I love the way you challenge the boundaries – the rug extends, the tree extends. It gives it such a vibrant sense of life and movement and growth. This is one of my favorites of your artwork.

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