A Forest In My Living Room….

I found the leaves for my tree in  “A Forest In My Living Room” when I was looking for some pieces of fabric that I thought I would use.  I still haven’t found the fabric, but I did find the crocheted leaves in a basket on my shelf. They were attached to pink roses that I’m sure to use someday for something else.

I made a few flowers for the tree from the applique fabric on the other side (the front) of the quilt.

And then I started working on the window.  I’ll have to take a close-up of it.  I stitched the window frame on top of a piece of fabric of sky and birds flying. I’m not sure if it’s complete yet.

I still have to paint in the bird, then see where the vines want to go.

3 thoughts on “A Forest In My Living Room….

    1. I’ll have to get back to you on that Tina. It’s in my studio and I just don’t remember what kind it is. I’ll let you know though.

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