Kitty And The Tree Quilt

I told a small lie when I wrote that I was sending my Tree quilt to its new home on Tuesday. But I did it to keep a surprise.

Yesterday, I packed the quilt into a bag and on my way to Bellydancing, I brought it to my friend Kitty’s house.

Kitty mentioned to me and him how much she liked it even before I had sewn any of it together.  Charlie texted me right away that he wanted to buy it for her birthday.

In an email a few days ago, Charlie wrote to me that “Kitty saw the picture [of the quilt] this morning and she said, “Oh, well, somebody already bought it.”  Little did she know that “somebody” was me.”

Charlie is recovering from Open Heart Surgery so I knew that to keep it a surprise, I’d have to get the quilt to him when Kitty wasn’t home. Her birthday is today so dropping it off yesterday was perfect.

I had a window of about ten minutes between when Kitty left for Bellydancing class and the beginning of class to drop off the quilt without Kitty knowing. I know she takes the back streets to class, so I took the main street to make sure we wouldn’t pass each other on the road.  It worked out perfectly, I was only five minutes late for class.

Charlie sent me this picture of Kitty and the quilt this morning.

After Kitty fixed the bed.  

12 thoughts on “Kitty And The Tree Quilt

  1. What a lovely story! How fun for you to keep this a secret Maria,and have it all work out so well. I’ve been wanting to tell you it’s a beautiful quilt as well and it sure went to the right person!

  2. How lovely and natural it looks on Kitty’s bed. What a wonderful gift and surprise! It’s my favorite so far.

  3. My turtle with Whales pot holder has safely arrived. As usual it is a work of art and is now hanging on my kitchen door frame, between kitchen and the room we think of as the snuggery (should be called the “mess” room)

    I long to order a quilt from you but I wish such an item could be fully sewed, not knotted at the back. I would willingly pay more for such a work. (Twice as much, if It could be a quilt with your postcard motif of yourself between the two trees). I will email you privately about this.

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