Gelli Print Nine-Squares

My plan was to start working on a new quilt using the tiny squares of African fabric that I was playing with last week.  But when I got to my studio, I saw the piece of fabric that Emily made when she came to my studio and we made Gelli prints.

I had laid some squares of fabric that Fran sent me on top of it and it called out to me.  So I decided to work on it instead of the other smaller squares of African fabric. At least of the day.

I cut Emily’s printed fabric into strips then keeping the fabric in the same order cut the strips into squares.  I chose a square of the fabric that Fran sent me to go in between each of Emily’s squares.

Then I sewed them together.

They made three very long strips of fabric.  But the colors were too muddled for me.  So I made them into smaller strips and sewed them together into one big square.

And as I looked at it, one smaller nine-square stood out to me.  But it was lost surrounded by the other squares.  I wanted it to stand on its own.  So I got out my seam ripper and removed it.

That’s when I realized this whole process I was engaging in today was as much about editing, about taking away, as it was about adding the pieces together.

There wasn’t another group of nine pieces of fabric that stood out to me.  So I looked for the squares that I thought would make a good middle piece and started removing and rearranging the squares based on that.

I came up with two more nine-piece squares, that I feel highlight the patterns of Emily’s Gelli prints and work as small individual pieces.

I was thinking I’d build a quilt around these three pieces.  But I could also add a little more to them and make them into pillows.

I’ll make that decision another day.


One thought on “Gelli Print Nine-Squares

  1. Yes, each piece in the large conglomeration is lovely, but can’t be appreciated because they cannot stand out, lost in the crowd. But when you edited it so artfully, then Fran’s floral pieces are nicely enhanced by Emily’s printed/painted pieces. Sometimes, taking away adds so much more clarity. Well done.

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