The Kitchen Window Spider

The spider eating the gnat

I first saw the tiny spider on the kitchen window a few days ago.  It’s no bigger than a sixteenth of an inch and from what I can see (which isn’t much since it’s so small) it seems to do little.  It hasn’t made a web, and mostly just sits in the middle of the glass hardly moving.

Each day I saw it I expected it to be the last, that it was just passing through.

Until today, when I saw that it had caught one of the tiny gnats that also seem to like the kitchen window.

Since the spider caught the gnat, I’ve seen two more of the same kind of spider on two other panes of glass.  Maybe the spider who caught the gnat sent out some kind of message, a smell or sound, that the other spiders are responding to.  Similar to how the ants on a peony leave a trail for other ants to follow to the flower so they can eat from it.

I don’t know if any spiders are communal in this way. But as long as these three don’t get too big, I’m happy to have them there, keeping the window free of the tiny insects that gather there.

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