Pillow vs Quilt

So I decided on trying a pillow. I could see quilt, but even more, I saw a pillow. I could actually imagine it on our couch. That rough abstract print juxtaposed with the soft florals, somehow they seemed ready to be tossed and fluffed.

I could see the fabric framing them too. So it was easy to do.

I chose a piece of heavy brown corduroy for the backing.  It’s actually fabric that Emily gave me a few years ago.  But I thought it needed something else.  So I found a piece of brown crocheted trim in my stash and decided to sew it around the edge to give it an outline of sorts.

But then it got late and I got tired.  So I’ll finish it tomorrow.  I always have to remind myself that a flat pillow looks very different than a stuffed on. I’m never really sure what a pillow will look like until I’m done with it.  I am feeling that I made the right decision though, about pillow versus quilt.

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