Bonding With Constance


Everyone else was in the polebarn when I brought the corn out to shuck, except Constance.  She leaned against the gate, her head facing the water bucket.  Usually, I call to Fanny and Lulu to eat the corn husks, but this time I kept quiet.

I pulled a single husk from the ear of corn and Constance got up and looked at me.  I lowered the husk to her mouth and she gently pulled it out of my hand. It was the first time I saw her eat a corn husk.  I’ve never even seen her show any interest in it before.

I waited for her to chew it then gave her some more.  We did this for a while.  None of the other animals caught on and came running out of the barn like they usually do. It was just me shucking corn and Constance eating it.

I feel like Constance and I did a little bonding over that ear of corn. Like when she and Merricat first came to the farm and I fed them grain. Makes me think she might still remember that.

I’ve gotten better with the sheep about trying to connect with them without having them follow me around for food all the time. I’m not sure how exactly it works, but I do seem to have a pretty good balance with most of them. Even Asher and Issachar, who were bottle-fed, and can be the most pushy, back off when I tell them to.


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