Something New! My Gelli Print Pillow, Mushrooms and Flowers…Sold

Mushrooms and Flowers  my Gelli Print Pillow is 15″x15″. It’s $90 + Shipping and is sold.   is for sale in my Etsy Shop. 

I got my first Gelli Print Pillow stuffed and sewn this morning.

It’s exciting to use the fabric that Emily made when she came to my studio and we made Gelli Prints together a few weeks ago. Since Emily uses paper in her collage art, (you can see Emily’s work here) she got all the prints we made on paper and I got all the prints we made on fabric.

I love that this fabirc is a handmade, original monoprint.  Which means it can’t be duplicated.  I see each square as an original abstract print.

I wasn’t sure how I would use the fabric  Emily and I made, but this came about very natrually.  I think the soft floral squares highlight the abstract Gelli Prints.

 Mushrooms and Flowers is for sale in my Etsy Shop it’s 15″x15″ and is $90 + shipping.

Shipping prices have changed drastically for a package this size and  I’ve been trying to figure out how to deal with it for months.

The price of shipping a pillow this size varies from the East cosat to the West.  Prices can be as low as  $16 to more than $50. So I’ve placed a calculated shipping price on my pillows.  That means the price of shipping depends on where you live. And  you’ll be able to see the price of shipping before you purchase the pillow from my Etsy shop.

You  will be charged the exact price for shipping that I will pay for it.  I’m not adding any handling charges, because the  shipping prices can be prohibitive enough depending on where you live.

Ok, now I’m off to make a couple of more Gelli Print Pillows.

Flo with Mushrooms and Flowers. 




3 thoughts on “Something New! My Gelli Print Pillow, Mushrooms and Flowers…Sold

  1. Maria, that looks fantastic! Especially with the black lattice border – what did that originate? (Flo’s curled paw makes me think she’s a little perturbed that this pillow is not in the box for her own use, darn it…) Lol

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