The Wolf Spider Moves On


The Spider fortress before I dismantled it this morning.  The whole gang was on the porch.

I dismantled the spider fortress this morning after I saw our wolf spider hanging out in the corner next to the back door.

She found a good spot well camouflaged by a leaf and feather.  She could also quickly move into the crack between the house and the porch floor.

Shortly after I took her picture, she vanished. Maybe she caught the meal she was hunting for or maybe she’s hatching her eggs.  There is a dark spot in her egg sack, I’m not sure if that’s an opening she made for the babies to come out or a repair.

I’ll look for her again tomorrow.

The wolf spider in her new home.

2 thoughts on “The Wolf Spider Moves On

  1. I love your menagerie on the back porch and I’m glad the wolf spider has found a sheltered spot near the house foundation! I’m sure she’ll slip right in there with her babies should the rain and wind come.

  2. Love that farm porch gathering! And the resourcefulness and determination of motherhood, no matter the species.

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