Rising Moon

I turned out the kitchen light and as I walked past the back door, ready for bed, the moon reached through the window and pulled me outside.

The clouds were sweeping, and mist rose up from the marsh, the almost full moon demanding. I stood in awe watching the stillness.  It seemed to speak to the drama of the hurricane that is on its way.

6 thoughts on “Rising Moon

  1. We were transfixed by that same moon out here in New Mexico. But I couldn’t get a decent picture so — thank you!

  2. The sky was super eerie last night, most of it was dark gray clouds except for a large clear hole where the moon was bright and the moon’s light underlit it all. Didn’t know how to capture it with a photo. It did not make sense that it was so light at that late hour; it was like the clouds of the rest of the sky were capturing the moon’s light and sending it down. Your picture will help me remember the night, thank you.

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