Still Working On My Checkerboard Quilt


It’s Bellydancing day and I had my morning and afternoon all planned out.  I’d work on my Checkerboard quilt till 3pm then blog till four when I’d feed the animals and get dressed for class.

But at 11:00 I got a call from the Co-op.  I was scheduled to work tomorrow, helping to unpack the weekly order, except now the order was coming a day early.

I worked for a while more on my quilt and blogging then made my way to the Co-op.  I do get a great deal of satisfaction unpacking the pickles and yogurt, hearing the click-click of the pricing gun as I label the Red Mill Cornmeal. The empty shelves get filled and I break down the cardboard boxes piling them up till I take them to the recycling bin.

I like working with Katie and Kelly, even though we don’t have a lot of interaction.  It feels good to be around other people, knowing even if we’re each doing our own thing, it’s all for one purpose.

Of course, on my three and a quarter-hour shift each month it’s easy to forget all the potential difficulties of working with other people too.  I’m the boss and the staff in my studio.  And when I put something in the wrong place and can’t find it or forget to put an order in the mail, there’s only me to blame.

I did get a good amount done on my Checkerboard quilt before leaving. And I have the next step laid out too. That will have to wait till tomorrow.


One thought on “Still Working On My Checkerboard Quilt

  1. I’m curious about what size it is in this photo. Hard to keep a perspective with nothing to compare it to.
    I love seeing your process evolve and your use of color! Your personality shines through each piece making your quilts recognizably unique.
    I really look forward to your posts each day.

    1. Thanks LoisJean, it’s nice to hear that. I do get what you mean about size though. If I place my shears next to the quilt that would give it perspective. Thanks for your thoughts.

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