A Weekend Away

That’s Constance’s beautiful wool upfront, then Kim, Lori, Robin and Socks.  Liam is just coming over the top of the hill.

It’s the rest of Jon’s birthday gift, a weekend away to our favorite Inn in Vermont.

It won’t really change my work schedule.  I always take Saturday off, I think of it as my Sabbath from the internet.  We’ll be back on Sunday.

I don’t think the animals will miss us much.  They love our farm sitter, and the apples are falling so the donkeys, sheep and chickens will have a steady flow of treats.

Zinna may miss following Jon around, but Bud will still get to chase his chipmunks and Fate will, as always,  will continue hoping for an opportunity to chase the sheep.

4 thoughts on “A Weekend Away

  1. Love this photo with the lineup and the textures and colors of the sheep’s wool and the grass. Can almost feel it in my fingertips.

  2. I love this ghostly shot of Liam; when I zoomed in , he’s looking right at you / the camera. Whereas, silly Robin – but even his little ears and forelock are cute!

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