Prince Bud On His Wicker Throne

Jon calls it Bud’s throne.

We bought the little wicker bench and rocker in Bellows Falls. They were in the window of one of the shops and when I saw them I squealed about how cute they were.  I could easily see them both as the living room furniture in a Victorian playhouse.

But Jon was thinking something else. “We should buy that for Bud,” he said.

Yeah, I was surprised. Buying dogs treats and toys is one thing, but a wicker furniture set?  Next thing you know, we’ll be pushing Bud around in a stroller.

Not that I was going to object.  The furniture was adorable, and Bud was a good excuse to get it.  I thought $50 for both was a good price.

I know I wouldn’t have bought the furniture if Jon wasn’t so into it.  Just the day before he wanted to buy Bud a dog house, even though we already have a dog house in the backyard.  “Bud’s been through so much, he deserves something special,” Jon said.

Jon loves to give things to people and animals he likes.  “If we’re going to be friends,” Jon told me when we first met, “I’m going to give you things so you might as well get used to it.”  I’m still not completely used to it, even after being together for over ten years.

“I’ll make cushions for them, ” I said as we loaded the rocker and bench into the car.

We decided to put the rocker on the back porch for the cats. And Jon put Bud’s bench in front of the woodstove for now.

I cut one of the foam cushions from an old dog bed in the shape of the wicker bench then covered it with soft purple fabric from my studio. Bud likes to snuggle so at Jon’s suggestion I made him a little pillow to cuddle up against.

I’m not convinced that Bud is going to choose to sleep on the little wicker bench when he has his pick of living room furniture to sleep on.  But that bench sure looks sweet with its purple cushion and pillow.

I know I couldn’t resist it.

When I sat down on it, Bud got interested and hopped up next to me.  Then I moved to the floor and rubbed his belly as he relaxed on his new purple cushion.

Little Prince, indeed, I thought.

Tomorrow…Minnie and Flo’s Wicker Rocker.

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