Reflection Portraits In Bellows Falls


Self Portrait with chair.

Jon and I are drawn to the small Vermont town of Bellows Falls and visit it whenever we are in the area.  They have a great thrift store where I always get something.  Last time it was a dress off their twenty-five cent rack.  All I had to do was hem it. This time I got a dress for $4.50 that I’m planning on doing a drawing on.

The small town always inspires us.  It’s filled with artists trying to make a living.  It’s a town that’s trying.

One storefront is both a gallery and upholstery shop.  We’ve never been there when it was open, but while looking at the bare frames of a couple of antique chairs on display, the reflection inspired me to take a few pictures.

Jon with chair

4 thoughts on “Reflection Portraits In Bellows Falls

  1. Many years ago…
    I used to take Amtrak from Manhattan to Bellows Falls to visit friends who lived in Springfield VT.
    I always loved the 6 hour train ride and would get so excited when I heard them announce Bellows Falls.
    Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Such a sweet town. Tiny train station. So glad you and Jon had a weekend away.
    The little outlet faces are funny. Now I can’t stop seeing them on my walls!

    1. We watched Amtrack come into the station and a few people got off Lois. I can just imagine how lovely the ride is. And I know what you mean about the outlets, I never been able to look at one without seeing the faces again!

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