A Bag Of Sheets And Stuffed Animals

The sheets and a couple of the stuffed animals from Carolyn

Carolyn sent me the text at noon. She had a bag full of sheets that she wanted to drop off for me to use as backings for the Bishop Maginn Quilts.  If you’re not home, I’ll just leave them on the porch she wrote.

She came with three bags, one with sheets, one with clothes, and one with stuffed animals that she bought at Tractor Supply.  It’s not the first time Carolyn has come over with brand new stuffed animals.  She loves to buy them and I can see why, they’re kind of irresistible.

It works out well really because the people who live at The Mansion love to get them. Especially now, when the pandemic is beginning to place certain restrictions on Assisted Living Facilities again.

Jon and I brought the stuffed animals to The Mansion after lunch.  And as often happens one thing led to another and it took longer than we thought it would.

I haven’t had a good look at the sheets Carolyn gave me yet, but I have a feeling between them and what I have I’ll have enough fabric to back the quilts. I did get to measure the quilts tops I’ll be using.  I have seven total and  I hope to order the batting before I go to Bellydancing tonight.

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