Black Sheep

Asher, Issachar and Constance

I met the UPS guy as he walked up the driveway to the back porch.  I was expecting to have to sign for a package, but instead, he looked at Constance who was standing at the gate, and said, “Is that a black sheep?”

Then he went on to tell me that his brother is a Rapper in New York City and is making an album called Black Sheep. “He knows I’m working in the country and asked me to let him know if I see any black sheep he could take a picture with for his new album.”

I didn’t even have to think about it.  I love the idea of helping a musician get the right image for his work and that the image is one of my sheep is even better.

“That’s Constance, I told him.  And she’s not really a black sheep, she’s brown.” I was thinking of the true black wool that Issachar grows underneath his top layer of sun-faded wool.

Ray, the UPS guy, said it was fine as long as the sheep wasn’t white.

I knew that even if Constance, wasn’t up for a photoshoot with strangers, Asher and Issachar would be perfect for it.  They love everyone and we could use treats to encourage them to hang around if they got bored.

Since I don’t listen to Rap music, I looked up Dell, up on YouTube under Rmb Dell88 as his brother suggested, and found this video of his “Last freestyle” (Improv)  before the album comes out later in September.

On Sunday, Ray will come to the farm with his brother Dell and his photographer Cherokee to take a picture with Asher and Issachar.

This is not something I ever would have imagined happening on the farm and yet at the same time it feels completely natural.



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  1. Omg! Can’t believe “the boys” might be on an album cover. No offense to them but did the UPS guy get a gander at Robin?! If ever there was a photogenic ball of wool on legs, it’s THAT cutie.

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